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The Studentenwerk welcomes its 6 millionth lunchtime guest in the BTU canteen in Cottbus.


As part of the tandem campaign by the East German student union, the Frankfurt (Oder) student union is presenting the state of Brandenburg and its cuisine in the Weinberg cafeteria in Halle.


The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) organizes the DSW cafeteria conference and welcomes around 120 guests from all German student unions in Frankfurt (Oder).


Around 15 manufacturers and retailers take part in the company presentation in the cafeteria at the University of Applied Sciences in Senftenberg and provide competent information on the quality and origin of the food used in the catering facilities of the Studentenwerk.


As part of the tandem campaign of the East German Student Union, the Halle Student Union is presenting itself with Anhalt cuisine and a cultural setting in the Europaplatz cafeteria in Frankfurt (Oder).


The nationwide meeting of student cabarets in Cottbus is celebrating its tenth anniversary.


The two Frankfurt cafeterias Logenstrasse and Europaplatz each received a gold tray in the “Mensa of the Year” competition organized by the magazine “Unicum”.