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The Goethestrasse cafeteria in Eberswalde is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is also offering coffee and cake for its guests.


The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) organizes the German student union championships in indoor soccer in Cottbus and welcomes 22 teams with 400 players and spectators from the student unions. The tournament winner will be the team from the Studierendenwerk Berlin. The selection from Frankfurt (Oder) took 5th place.


The “Anne Frank” day care center of the Studentenwerk in Cottbus receives the KitaStar pedagogical innovation award in gold from the element-i education foundation. The focus is on projects that give children an insight into the world outside of the day-care center. The Cottbus daycare center participated with the topic “The Baltic Sea – Experience recultivation with children”.


After the partial renovation and modernization of the cafeteria in Senftenberg has been completed, the facility will be formally handed over from the client (BLB) to the owner (university) and operator (student union). In 2016 and 2017, renovations were carried out in the building that was erected in the 1950s to optimize kitchen operations and improve conditions for employees and guests.


The 22nd nationwide cabaret meeting of Studiosi takes place in Cottbus. 27 groups or soloists can be experienced on four stages over four days.


Monique Möbus-Zweig becomes managing director of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder), replacing Peter Heiss, who, as managing director of the Potsdam Studentenwerk, had also taken on this role on a provisional basis over the past 18 months.