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A typical dorm room is being built in the Europaplatz cafeteria in Frankfurt using furniture from the student union’s inventory. At the initiative of the AStAs of the EUV, attention is drawn to the “Move to Frankfurt” initiative. On her homepage, she has listed many good reasons to actively organize your life on the Oder and not waste time commuting unnecessarily.


The Logenstrasse dormitory in Frankfurt (Oder) has been under construction since July 1st. The focus is on improving fire protection and replacing building technology (water, sewage, electricity, heating). At the same time, kitchen areas are to be integrated into the apartments and the communal kitchens dissolved. The recommissioning should take place in the winter semester 2019.


After 8 months of vacancy, new life will move into the student club on Lindenstrasse in Frankfurt (Oder) from mid-May. To this end, the managing director of the Studentenwerk and Stuck eV sign a leasing agreement.


For the summer semester, 85 students can move into freshly renovated apartments on the central campus of the BTU in Cottbus. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) has continued the continuous modernization of its housing offers for students in Universitätsstrasse 16 over the past 7 months. A string renovation was carried out, painting, flooring and carpentry work was carried out, fire protection was upgraded and the rooms were refurnished. A total of 1.4 million euros were invested in these measures.


The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) is refreshing its corporate design and introducing a changed logo for the first time in 27 years.


The 23rd nationwide cabaret meeting of Studiosi takes place in Cottbus. 26 groups or soloists can be experienced on four stages over four days.