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The federal government will continue the bridging aid program in the winter semester (November 2020 to March 2021). The student unions process the applications again.


The Studentenwerk is introducing a central menu for all canteens. The menu cycle is written much longer in advance and is now based on a fixed grid, which specifies the distribution of the price classes and types (meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan) and thus guarantees more basic variety.


The Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg Dr. Manja Schüle visits the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder). The informal conversation is not only about Corona, but also about canteens, dormitories and BAföG.


The Studentenwerke take on the processing of applications for bridging aid from the federal government. This is intended to help those students who are demonstrably in an acute, pandemic-related emergency and who need immediate help. Those affected can apply for up to 500 euros each for the months of June, July and August. The measure will then be extended for September.


The test phase for cashless payment in the catering facilities in Frankfurt (Oder) starts in the summer semester. In the cafeteria and coffee bar, students and employees can pay for their food and drinks quickly and without contact using their student or employee ID cards. Guests can purchase guest cards for a deposit.


Due to the advancing corona pandemic, the Studentenwerk is closing its public traffic and closing canteens and cafeterias as well as the daycare center. The first canteens will open again from May 25th, followed by the service points and the day care center. The opening times are further restricted. Hygiene concepts are developed and implemented. Meals are also offered to go.


The student SATIRE festival EI (N) FÄLLE is celebrating its anniversary. For the 25th time we are welcoming student cabaret artists from all over Germany to Cottbus for a unique festival. Over four days, 30 groups or soloists can be experienced on four stages.