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The student union fee is a solidarity contribution. It is part of the semester fee and amounts to 100 € per semester for students in the area of responsibility of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) from winter semester 2023/24. The fee is charged by the respective university (for an entire semester fee) and must be paid to it before enrollment.

The student union contribution serves the student union Frankfurt (Oder) to finance its legal tasks. It is comparatively low, since the solidarity community of all students finances the provision of the opportunity to use the services on a solidarity basis – regardless of whether and to what extent the individual actually uses them. The social thought and solidarity are in the foreground, not the fairness of performance in individual cases!

Exemptions from contributions are handled very restrictively in this solidarity model so that they do not lead to a reduction in the solidarity community and the amount of the student contribution can be kept stable. Reasons for exemption can be:

  • illness,
  • study abroad,
  • internship abroad,
  • federal volunteer service or
  • de-registration (up to the 6th week of the current semester).

There is no legal claim. There is no monthly exemption option.

application for reimbursement of the student union fee