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We are pleased to inform you that we have completely redesigned our menu in cooperation with → Kantine Zukunft Brandenburg. This project is 100% funded by the state of Brandenburg and starts on June 10.

Tried-and-tested classics remain
Don’t worry, your favorite classics have been incorporated into the new menu.

More freshness, fewer convenience products
We now use far fewer highly processed products. Even more fresh food is cooked in our canteens – mostly without ready-made products.

Simple and honest dishes
Our aim is to bring high-quality but simple and honest dishes to your plate. The names of the dishes are clear and easy to understand. We avoid expensive ingredients and complex components in order to simplify the work of our kitchen teams.

More organic, same prices
By eliminating expensive finished products, we can increase our organic content without increasing the price of food. By the end of the year, we want to source at least 20% of our goods from certified organic production. This not only benefits the environment and health, but also improves the taste.

Focus on quality
To compensate for the additional work for our kitchen team, we are concentrating on three menu lines in the larger canteens. This allows us to put the best possible quality on the plate instead of having to cut back on five menu lines.

Seasonality and regionality
Our menu will focus even more on seasonality. In this way, we strengthen local agriculture, avoid high purchase prices and offer you better quality.

Cooking workshops and continuous learning
Over the next few months, we will be holding several cooking workshops to try out new recipes and expand our knowledge. So it stays exciting and delicious for you!

Organic ingredients and exclusivity list
In order to keep the menu names short and crisp, organic ingredients are no longer explicitly listed on the menu. In every canteen and on our website you will find our exclusivity list, which shows which raw materials we only source from controlled organic production. If ingredients are not available in organic quality, we will point this out at the counter.

Your feedback counts!
With the new menu, we are bringing many new dishes to the table. We look forward to your feedback via the MensaTime app so that we can become even better!

See you soon in the canteen!