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Anyone who has not yet received BAföG funding could now receive BAföG due to the increases from the winter semester 2022/2023.

We recommend. Try it out and submit an application at! Who knows whether otherwise funding will not be given away.

What changes will come into effect with the implementation of the current BAföG amendment?
– Increase in BAföG (parents) income allowances by ø 20.75%
– Increase in the BAföG income allowance for students
– Increase in the BAföG asset allowance
– Increase in the BAföG requirement rates by ø 5.75%
– Supporting the compatibility of family and studies
– Raising the BAföG age limit
– More moderate repayment modalities for old debtors

In addition, the written form requirement does not apply to digital applications.

Further information is also available from the → Deutsches Studentenwerk .