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Lunch is subsidized for students from the state of Brandenburg. You can take advantage of this discount when you present your student ID at the cash desk.

Where do you want to eat?


Our chefs can conjure up hundreds of servings of any dish. So you’ll find plenty of variety on the menu and trendy dishes. A working group at the Studentenwerk even deals with this every month.

Our chefs take great care to label all allergens and additives that are subject to labeling on the issue. So everyone can find the right food for them. Of course, traces cannot be avoided as all dishes are prepared in one room, even if at different workplaces.

Lunches are subsidized for students by the state of Brandenburg and only cost between €1.80 and €3.20 upon presentation of the student ID. From time to time, there are special offers that you can treat yourself to: MensaSpezial and MensaPremium offer special taste experiences and cost €3.80 and €5.50 respectively.

Sustainability is important to us. Disposable packaging opposes this. Wherever possible, i.e. where it is hygienic and economically viable, we are increasingly dispensing with disposable packaging. With VYTAL, we have found a reusable system partner who provides reusable containers at no extra cost. There is more info in the next question.

Remaining stocks of disposable to-go cups are charged with an additional fee of 20 cents in order to initiate a rethink and to finance the search for sustainable packaging solutions. You are welcome to use your own reusable cups and containers.

Of course. For a sustainable to-go solution, we have partnered with VYTAL. Those who download the free Vytal app on their smartphone can have their food filled into a Vytal reusable container at no extra charge, which can be dropped off at any Vytal cooperating establishment for the following 10 days (in our case, just put it in the dish return).

Alternatively, you can bring your own vessels.

In Frankfurt (Oder) and in Eberswalde, we allow payment via Intercard in the dining halls, which means that the student ID can also be used to pay for the meal. To do this, money is loaded at one of the known terminals. Please note that the revaluation of the cards is no longer done with cash, but with EC card. Cashless payment in the cafeteria is then faster and more hygienic than paying with cash.

The Cottbus and Senftenberg sites will follow suit in the near future.

EUV employees can pay with their ID card. Guests can purchase a guest card for a deposit of € 5.


We offer a varied menu, taking into account scientific recommendations for a healthy diet. This includes a high proportion of vegetables and legumes, fresh salads and a lot of fiber.



There is something for all tastes. We also offer a vegan and a vegetarian dish every day. We do not sell meat dishes below their value. We pay attention to regional origins as well as high quality. Salads can be combined according to your wishes, as a supplement or a full meal. Usually there is even a soup of the day on offer.



Cafeteria instead of kebab to go saves packaging waste. An increasing proportion of the ingredients are purchased from controlled organic agriculture. For example, our coffee, potatoes, rice and beef are always organic from controlled ecological agriculture. Wherever possible, we use regional suppliers. This is not only more sustainable, it also strengthens the region.



By the way, it eliminates the work of cooking and washing dishes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a shopping list. We offer Fast GOOD Food – that means good food and that on time.



In the cafeteria, not only a delicious meal awaits the guests, we also offer a communication and exchange platform at the same time. Here you can meet fellow students, study for your next exam or take a well-deserved coffee break. By the way, we only use fair trade coffee. In addition, the visit to the refectory secures good local jobs.



Where can you find a wholesome meal that takes all these points into account and is so inexpensive? Yes, the Mensa food is worth its price!

In the past there was a meal in Cottbus and in Eberswalde that consisted of 100% organic ingredients. However, we want to bring BIO to more plates and in the future prefer to offer individual raw materials at all locations instead of whole dishes at a few locations from controlled organic agriculture. In this way, we can increase our overall organic content in our food. Since autumn 2020, potatoes, rice and beef have been 100% organic in our canteens.

Feedback can be sent to to make your Mensa even better. Quick and easy, we are happy to receive anonymous reviews every day at our feedback terminals. A rating can also be submitted with your own smartphone. The corresponding QR codes can be found in the dining halls.

There will also be a regular cafeteria forum, where people can enter into a direct dialogue with us and the cafeteria managers. In addition, in each cafeteria you will also find small opinion sheets and a mailbox provided for this purpose.


We are happy to support your university-related event on campus or directly on our premises. Our offer ranges from a simple coffee break to more extensive conference support through to lunch menus and evening buffets.

You can get an overview in our → CampusCatering – provide folder. Catering we offer for groups from 25 people. Please also refer to our → General Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us for an individual offer!