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The “Anne Frank” day care center of the Frankfurt (Oder) student union receives special recognition as part of the award of the Federal Foreign Office for excellent care for foreign students at German universities for its project “All children are equal, every child is special”.


As part of the tandem campaign of the East German Student Union, the Rostock Student Union is presenting regional Saxon cuisine in the Europaplatz cafeteria in Frankfurt (Oder).


The cafeteria Logenstrasse says goodbye to its loyal guests with a brunch. For the last time, you can choose between various salads, soups, delicious dishes from pots and pans as well as desserts and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this facility. In the future there will only be a bistro here for catering during breaks.


As part of the tandem campaign of the East German Student Union, the Frankfurt (Oder) student union is presenting the state of Brandenburg and its cuisine in the south cafeteria in Rostock.


The Cottbus “Anne Frank” daycare center of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) received 2nd prize for its cooperation project with the Riedelstift in the “Fair brings more”.


It is the birthday of the Frankfurt (Oder) Student Union. It has been a part of everyday life for students in Eberswalde, Frankfurt (Oder), Cottbus and Senftenberg for 20 years. It is celebrating its anniversary with a festive event and thank you campaigns in the canteens.


The “Anne Frank” daycare center of the Frankfurt (Oder) student union and the “Riedelstift” senior citizens’ home run by the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund in Cottbus have signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement is intended to intensify the intergenerational cooperation that has already been tried and tested for 5 years and to raise it to a new level of quality.


The 16th nationwide cabaret meeting of Studiosi takes place in Cottbus. 26 groups or soloists can be experienced on three stages over four days.