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Living in the community and at a flat rate. Most of the student residences are located near the campus and are fully furnished. The rental prices include all additional costs.

Where do you want to live?

FAQs student housing

To apply for a room / apartment, please fill out the → applicationon our website. For a desired stay of less than 90 days, please use the → application for short stays . If you want to change rooms at the place of study, you have to enter a →move request put.

In order to be able to process the application for accommodation, we need your admission to the university or (if you already have one) your certificate of enrollment, a copy of your ID or passport and a current photo.

You can also fill out the application in advance and submit the required documents later.

Apply as early as possible, even if you don’t have admission, especially for special requests or when applying for a single apartment.

As a rule, you will receive a room offer 3-4 weeks before you wish to move in.

Please set in your mail program that the sender domains and secure domains are. Put our e-mail addresses in your address book so that you receive all documents on time and are not sent to your SPAM folder!

Please always check your SPAM folder to see whether documents have been sorted out due to the PDF attachment.

If your request for a certain residential complex or a certain room / apartment type cannot be fulfilled, we will offer you an alternative. If you wish, you can also be placed on a waiting list. However, we cannot guarantee that a suitable room / apartment will be available by the beginning of the semester.

We have 14 residential facilities with 3,764 places at the Cottbus, Eberswalde, Frankfurt (Oder) and Senftenberg sites.

The occupancy takes place both individually in one-room apartments and together in shared apartments. 2 to 5 students share the kitchen and bathroom.

The rooms are fully furnished (bed, desk, chair, shelf, cupboard, lamps, etc.). You have to bring your own pillow, duvet and bed linen.

The kitchens or kitchenettes are equipped with a hob, sink, refrigerator and cupboards. Kitchen utensils are not provided. All apartments have a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Connections for radio, television, telephone and internet (LAN) available. Washing machines and dryers as well as bicycle rooms are available for communal use in the basement.

Alternatively, a Starter Kid (SIS Pack) can be purchased from the Studentenwerk as initial equipment for 65 euros (see also next FAQ).

In particular, we offer our international students who arrive by plane and who are only entitled to a limited amount of luggage, a so-called SIS pack when they move in. This includes:

1 pillow, 1 duvet, 1x bed linen (including sheets), 1 pot, 1 pan, 1 cup, 1 plate, 1x cutlery (knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon), garbage bags, toilet paper.

The SIS pack can be used in advance for 65 euros be booked. The number is limited. We therefore ask for timely notification.

It is a gross warm rent. All additional costs such as electricity, water and heating as well as the internet are already included. There are no additional demands.

Every tenant has to pay a deposit. This is 300 euros for students and 400 euros for guests.

After we have allocated you an apartment, you will receive an invitation to sign a contract from us for the date you want to move in. The deposit must be transferred in advance. If this is not paid by the due date, the reservation will be forfeited.

By paying the deposit, you confirm acceptance on the date you want to move in. If you only withdraw from the reservation after the deposit has been paid, we will charge a fee of 30 euros.

After signing the contract, you will receive the keys to your room / apartment.

Payment of the rent is made by direct debiting from your account. Please note that the debit can only be made from a German bank account. Every tenant is therefore obliged to fill out a → SEPA direct debit mandate to be submitted that enables the student union to debit the monthly rent. This is usually done on the 5th working day of the month.

If this mandate is not presented, the tenant is obliged to pay the rent by the 5th working day at the latest to be transferred to the account of the Studentenwerk every month. The Studentenwerk charges a monthly fee of 5 euros for this.

Registration is mandatory in Germany. When you sign the rental contract, you will receive a confirmation from us. You must use this to register with the responsible citizens’ office within 14 days.

In Germany every household has to pay the license fee. This also applies to residential units in student residences. BAföG recipients have the option of being exempt from the fee.

On October 30, 2019, the BVerwG decided that students who do not receive any subsidies (e.g. BAföG) can be exempted from paying the broadcasting fee because of a particular hardship. The prerequisite is that after deduction of the housing costs, a maximum of an income is available that is comparable in its amount with the income of the recipients of social benefits according to SGB XII, and that there are no realizable assets.

For further information we refer to the → Homepage the contribution service and the → Request for liberation.

If an average occurs outside the caretaker’s working hours, you can contact the following companies, depending on the location of your dormitory:

Frankfurt (Oder) : Average plan | Berlin street: Average plan | Eberswalde : Average plan | cottbus : Average plan | Sachsendorf: Average plan | Senftenberg : Average plan

Please check first whether the damage has to be stopped immediately in order to avoid property damage and personal injury or whether a report can be made to the Studentenwerk or the responsible caretaker the next day.

If a fire breaks out, smoke alarms warn with a loud acoustic signal when the toxic smoke gas gets into the measuring chamber of the smoke alarm. This gives you a good chance of bringing yourself and other residents to safety.

Technical information on the devices can be found in the → operation manual remove.

If you want to change rooms at the place of study, you must apply to move. You can fill this out online.

Move request

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