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During the return visit of the Eberswalde colleagues as part of the in-house tandem campaign, there are regional offers from Schorfheide and Eberswalder Baumkuchen in the Cottbus cafeteria on the central campus.


This year’s tandem campaign involves an internal exchange between the canteen kitchens from Cottbus and Eberswalde. The guests are offered Lusatian cuisine accompanied by special offers and free gifts.


After 15 months of renovation, the student residence Logenstrasse 2 in Frankfurt (Oder) with 173 places is available again for students. The renovation of the residential complex had become necessary in order to meet the changed fire protection requirements and to bring the building services up to date and stable. At the same time, the communal kitchens were closed, mini-kitchens were integrated into the apartments and the rooms were refurnished.


Since July 1st, the student union has introduced a new clothing line for the employees in the catering facilities. Based on the new corporate design created in 2018, the employees show themselves in a new chic.


Drinks in paper cups are now provided with a surcharge of 20 cents in the cafeterias Zentralcampus (Cottbus) and Europaplatz (Frankfurt). In all other furnishings, to-go cups are completely dispensed with.


For the summer semester, 85 students in Cottbus can move into newly renovated apartments on the central campus of the BTU. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) has continued the continuous modernization of its housing offers for students in Universitätsstrasse 15 over the past 7 months. In particular, the fire protection was brought up to the required level according to the building regulations, a line renovation was carried out, painting, flooring and carpentry work was carried out, and the rooms were refurnished. A total of 1.6 million euros were invested in these measures. These come exclusively from the student union’s own funds.


The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) receives the seal for excellent training quality. With this, the IHK Ostbrandenburg recognizes the special commitment of companies that provide extraordinarily good dual vocational training. The companies are selected in an application process based on defined criteria. The seal is awarded for a period of two years.


The 24th Nationwide Cabaret Meeting of Studiosi takes place in Cottbus. 34 groups or soloists can be experienced on four stages over four days.